June 2015

June already???

This year is going by sooooo fast. Let’s all take a breath!

I just completed an online webinar that shares clearly how we think and work with our clients in the development of their own coaching cultures. They have become more than an abstract thought, or a nice-to-have. Culture is the source of a organization’s competitive advantage and where the hearts and minds of the entire employee body is engaged and inspired to give their discretionary energy – or not. Leaders number one job really is to mould and shape the culture of their organization. Here is what do to create this reality for our clients… http://weavinginfluence.com/events/the-heart-of-coaching-webinar-with-tom-crane/

While speaking at a Palm Springs Conference for After School Service Providers recently, I had the pleasure of listening to the very clear and powerful speaker and author Simon Sinek. He shared many things and one stuck with me more than others. One of his main points was that “Leaders are NOT accountable for their organizations results. The people they lead are. Leaders are accountable for taking care of the people who deliver the organizations results.” WOW! Does that turn conventional thinking on its head! AND, it squares with my experience.

This sets up the compelling dynamic of leaders 1. Modeling the way of accountability and then 2. Effectively coaching those they have the privilege of leading toward higher levels of accountability. This is EXACTLY how we position accountability in our workshops. So – Simon is absolutely spot on.

Our July Facilitator Certification is nearly filled. It is the week of July 20th in San Diego, and designed for internal or external facilitators/consultants who want to add “The Heart of Coaching” facilitation and consulting to their professional toolkit. We have 4 more seats left in this purposefully small group. Here is the link for the registration: http://craneconsulting.com/docs/TTFSDFlyerJuly2015.pdf

It is exciting for us to announce the completion of the Advanced Coaching Skills Workshop. This 2 day workshop completes the original 2 day workshop that focuses on Core Skills, making the length of entire coaching development process into a robust 4 full days. Contact me if you are interested in learning more about this content and/or interested in bringing this powerful process to your or your client’s organization. Here are the topics we deliver in the Advanced Workshop:

Thorough review of Core tools, Coaching Styles, Coaching your Boss, Coaching your Team, Coaching people through Change, Emotional Intelligence and Egocentricity, Selective Perception & Setting Expectations, Building/rebuilding Trust, Coaching to resolve Conflict, Coaching for Development vs. Performance, Implementation Planning, After-Action-Review

Let us know how we can be of service…

In the spirit of coaching...Tom

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