February 2014

Can you believe we have almost reached March Madness for 2014? Here are some exciting updates for Crane Consulting…

1. We have always made the distinction between professional and collegial coaching processes – suggesting that these different roles/responsibilities required a different coaching process. To be more inclusive of both coaching genres, several years ago we added the professional coaching roadmap to our book (chapter 9) and contrasted it with the collegial coaching roadmap. We have just created the 2.0 version of the professional coaching roadmap, and created a professional coaching development process for internal or external resources who are hired or assigned to work with leaders and managers inside of an organization. We are working with our first clients who see the clear value of leveraging both kinds of coaching – with our common language and processing skills – inside their organization at the same time. Our bottom line – we cover the coaching waterfront and are able to develop and certify professional coaches working inside of an organization, especially one that is going through our cultural change process to create a High Performing Coaching Culture.

2. We will be publishing an advanced, two day coaching workshop curriculum that builds upon the coaching and accountability core skills that are our successful two day coaching workshop. This will be available in May to conduct with our clients and in June to certify facilitators. Here are some of the topics in the advanced 2 day workshop – using Advanced Coaching Skills to address: Organizational Change, Generational Differences, Low/Medium/High Performers, Development vs. Performance, Creativity & Possibility Thinking, Strategic Alignment, Emotional Intelligence & Brain Science, Egocentricity and Moods. This expands our blended learning offerings which now include: an online tutorial, 4 full days of robust, experiential skill building workshops that are interspersed with a series of implementation-focused webinars.

3. We are extremely excited to have THOC being published in traditional and simplified Chinese. We are scheduling a trip to Taiwan and some of the surrounding countries for July during which we will introduce THOC to this part of the world and establish my two colleagues there as consultants/facilitators who will assist organizations learn “The Heart of Coaching” skills to support culture change.

4. We are going to begin publishing our clients’ successes with THOC as business cases. The stories will focus on how we embed collegial coaching and accountability skills into a culture to transform it to become more high-performing. The first of these exciting leader-led journeys is about Farm Credit Mid America. It describes their leadership and organizational development process from 2009 through 2013. It is an amazing read that illustrates the powerful change processes that Crane Consulting and Pelmetta Performance Solutions (one of our strategic partners) guide our clients to implement if they are serious about culture change. Here is a link to read the story.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we deliver our powerful coaching skills workshop to organizations in any business or industry. It is our mission to support your leadership team to guide a leader-led organizational change process that masters a more effective coaching and communication toolkit to be focused across the organization in service of building performance capacity to reach performance goals. It would be our pleasure to serve you.

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