August 2005

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During early 2006, we will publish "The Heart of Coaching" Fieldguide that describes our experience in helping organizations create "High Performance Coaching Cultures". It will be a HOW TO resource for internal and external change agents. Look for it on this website.

Coaching Culture Assessment

We are now using our newly developed Coaching Culture Assessment instrument as a way to better understand the culture or climate that exists inside of our client organizations. It is proving to be a powerful way to inform leaders what specific areas of the culture are or are not aligned with the practice of coaching. This data is used to support the design of the develoment work. Contact us if you are interested in taking a closer look or bringing this to your organization.

The Heart of Coaching Community

The public "train-the-facilitator" sessions we have been doing over the last 2 years have helped 46 people learn how to do this important work inside of organizations. Please see the website for team resources that might be able to support you move in this HIGH PERFORMANCE direction.


What follows are excerpts from a newsletter from Pharmaceutical Research & Development (PRD) Pfizer LaJolla Laboratories, CA. Val Harding, the Executive Director and her team have been working on creating a "high performance coaching culture" over the last 9 months...this is what they say about their experience...

Coaching – The Heart of a High Performance Culture at Pharmaceutical Research & Development (PRD), Pfizer LaJolla Laboratories

PRD colleagues have been actively engaged in leading change to establish a high performance culture where we excel, grow and have fun. In this article we want to introduce and share with you our approach to developing a coaching-culture and how this is impacting us.

In late 2003 we initiated a Jump Start program, with the Learning & Organizational Development. As a result of this we established a number of goal teams to create processes, and to reduce these to business as usual practices.

This was just the beginning as we all realized that some key element was missing – we had focused on the what, not the how and the relationships – we needed to weave this all together, and the thread to do this is Transformational Coaching. Through adopting this approach and coaching tools PRD have found a way to leverage our talents and experiences to develop each other and to value and effectively use feedback as a learning tool to build high trust working relationships, high performance and colleague engagement.

Transformational Coaching in PRD – what have we done?

Well first we had to dismiss the “myths” surrounding coaching. In reality and in practice coaching is about developing and expanding awareness with a focus on both performance and development, open communication and feedback, and building relationships that enhance trust and rapport. It is the process of helping others enhance their a way they feel helped.

So...what do PRD colleagues have to say about creating and being in a coaching culture?

“The Transformational Coaching program is building camaraderie and open, honest communication between colleagues in PRD." Brent

"The coach's job is to provide the coachee with tools, leadership, empowerment and encouragement that guide them to always move in a positive direction." Mike

"I can freely and openly discuss challenges of the project and receive candid feedback from all members of the LTL forum." Neil

We have round table discussions on all proposals with feedback from all supervisors and healthy discussion.  This has created a departmental team management culture versus a top down decision management culture.” Joe

“Creating a coaching culture in PRD requires commitment and determination from all of us to make our department a feedback-rich environment where coaching occurs …..up, down and all across teams." Yai

"The icing on the cake (or maybe it's the glue that holds it all together) has been the introduction of Transformational Coaching. People seem truly to enjoy working with each other." John

"Coaching is a fun journey and a path without end. As PRD colleagues demonstrate coaching is the foundation for creating a “high-performance, feedback-rich culture”. We have proven to ourselves that through embracing this we learn and grow and become more effective and this is something that we can all do. In a high performance coaching culture everyone is fully committed to teammates' success - this is PRD!"

 Val Harding, Executive Director LJ PRD

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