March 2015


Is it spring yet? Winter is stubbornly holding on in some places and summer is here in San Diego. Oh what a mixed up weather system we seem to have.

Here is perhaps some clarity around leadership. My new blog post simplifies the process and connects it to something we all know a lot about – riding a bicycle…

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Would you like to be able to share with your company or your clients, the power of creating a Feedback-Rich Coaching Culture? Our next San Diego facilitator certification is set for the full week of July 20th at the beautiful Marina Village. This is designed for either internal or external consultants and facilitators who want to deepen their toolbox with the clients. It is also ideal for Executive Coaches who are or want to be able to train and then coach their clients on Collegial Coaching. Read more.

I am presenting an overview of “what we do and how we work with our clients” in two weeks for the Harvard Business School Club, of which I am a sponsor. The attached one page does a very complete job of depicting the key ideas that shape and inform our consulting work with clients. Please let me know if you have questions or comments. Read here

We are announcing a webinar-based series of quick information you can use. We have coined the word “webbie” and here is the first one to be released entitled: “The Results Cycle & Cultural Change”

In the spirit of coaching...Tom

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