September 2004

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Come join us for our second Train-the-Facilitator" on October 12-14 in Springfield, MA at the famous Basketball Hall of Fame. This is offered to Consultants, Training Professionals, and Coaches who want to help their client organizaitons become a "High-Performance Coaching Culture."

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Our audience

We believe this newsletter will be an effective resource for the following: executive leaders, middle level managers, members of the team, and sole contributors. We believe if professionals working in the field of human resources, organizational development, and training either as an external consultant or internal resource, will also find value.


Theme of our Issues

In each month's issue we will share the highlights of all our new coaching culture assessment. The purpose of this tool is to assess the extent to which a team or an entire organization currently can be described as a coaching culture.


Welcome to the fourth issue of our newsletter. We explore the advantage of having all members of the culture be skilled in the use of a common approach to coaching one another.

As a refresher, our definition of a coaching culture is:

In a COACHING CULTURE, all members of the culture fearlessly engage in candid, respectful coaching conversations, unrestricted by reporting relationships, about how they can improve their working relationships and individual and collective work performance.

All have learned to value and effectively use feedback as a powerful learning tool to produce personal and professional development, high-trust working relationships, continually-improving job performance, and ever-increasing customer satisfaction.

A Common Coaching Process & Language – We define coaching as the process of “helping the coachee enhance their effectiveness, in a way they feel helped.”

Coaching conversations are greatly facilitated through the adoption of one common methodology that is understood and utilized by all. It makes it immensely easier to talk with colleagues who have the same orientation and understanding of the coaching dialogue approach. No one has to wonder what the other guy is trying to accomplish – or “get you to do.”

This common coaching language and process facilitates people easily holding ongoing coaching conversations focused on the same robust coaching agenda. Coaching is practiced as an ongoing, threaded conversation, not an event tied to performance reviews. This allows for continual connection and follow-up between people and their work results.

The Transformational Coaching model provides the same basic conversational tools for everyone – so that intentions, approaches, language, and outcomes are more easily understood and translated across the organization. It makes it easier for people to talk about what is important in their jobs and in serving the mission of the organization.

Here is a link to see the model in it's entirety:


MORE on the Train-theFacilitator on October 12-14...

Facilitator Certification Agenda:

Day One – experience the coaching workshop as a Participant

•  The Business and Human Case for Coaching

•  The Philosophy of the Transformational Coaching Methodology

•  Hands-on coaching practice with feedback

•  The Coach's Toolkit – 7 Conversation Strategies for Results

•  The 7 C's of Transformational Coaching – assessment tool

•  Behavioral Change and the Coaching Contact

•  The Coaching Scorecard and Goal Planning

•  Implementation Activities


Day Two and Three – deliver the workshop modules as a Facilitator

•  Workshop modules delivered to the group with feedback (pre-assigned)

•  Consulting methodologies for the development of a Coaching Culture

•  Coaching Culture Assessment – assessment tool

Upon certification, you will have all of the workshop delivery tools to enable you to effectively facilitate "The Heart of Coaching" Workshops. You will also be better equipped to consult and lead organizations through the process of creating their own High-Performance Coaching Culture.

NO ongoing licensing fees are required for your unrestricted use of the materials. We only require that you sign an agreement to purchase (for a re-sale profit) books, workbooks, and assessment tools through Crane Consulting for your clients. You will become part of an ongoing learning community that shares a passion for doing this transformational work.

Upon registration, you will receive all preparation materials (Train-the-Facilitator Kit - pictured on our website) and your facilitation assignment for the second and third days of the certification. Your pre-work consists of reading "The Heart of Coaching" – Second Edition, and preparation to deliver an assigned module from the workshop agenda contained in the Facilitator's Guide.

Registration: Limited seating to ensure individual attention!!!

Please send us an email to hold your reservation. Payments can be processed via credit cards. Contact us at:

Three-day workshop fee: $1900 – Includes facilitator kit and all materials – Fully refundable if cancelled by October 1, 2004 , after which a $250 cancellation fee will apply. We are also inviting "workshop only" attendees for the first day for a fee of $495. This day is for individuals who wish to significantly improve their Coaching Skills, yet may not be interested in Certification. Contact us to learn how your client or potential client referrals to these "workshop only" earn you a reduced registration fee.

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